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Help! Save Us From June Gloom!

For the entire month of June, we are looking for everyone’s beautiful smiles to help brighten our days.  Send us a picture of you or a loved one smiling and all participants will be entered in a drawing to win a BevMo Gift Certificate (to purchase a fabulous bottle of

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4 Ways to Make Your Teeth Whitening Last

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful, white smile. Whether you are a diligent professional teeth whitener or a home-remedy expert its always important to safeguard your time and investment you put into those beautiful pearly whites. Try these four maintenance tips and get ready for your close up–it’s

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Oh no! White Wine Too?

It’s just not fair. Everyone knows that red wine is one of the top teeth staining culprits out there…but WHITE wine too? Studies out of NYU College of Dentistry have confirmed: white wine stains your teeth. The offender? Acid. Acid which (deep breath) is in a plethora of colas, coffee,

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