Top 6 Wine Accessories of 2011

As excited as we are about our own products, we at WineStraws are always on the lookout for cutting-edge wine accessories that make our wine experience that much better. Take a look at our Top 6 favorite wine accessories of 2011, and get an early start on this year’s holiday must-haves!

  1. Glass Wine Cantor

    Glass Wine Decanter

    This simple museum-quality designed glass decanter is guaranteed to get you compliments at your next party! The yellow glass stopper and sleek carafe makes a modern statement. Although we don’t understand why you would ever want it to be empty, when not in use, the ball fits into the hollow base and doubles as a sculpture.

  2. We are the #1 advocate in preventing wine-stained teeth, but we turn to this best kept secret for our wine stained fabrics—even white linens!  It literally makes red wine disappear like magic.
    Wine Stain Remover
    Wine Stain Remover
wine accessory candles
Wine Bottle Candles

3. Ever left wondering what to do with your empty wine bottles? Not to fear, these fun cork candles are tapered making them easy to put those empty bottles to good use.

4. These Venetian-style wine glasses bring a special flair to any event or gathering–adding a stylish design touch to an already well-dressed table. These are certainly a splurge but way too fabulous of a find to pass up!

Venetian Wine Glasses

5. This cutting-edge invention is so simple and genius, we are amazed that no one else has thought of this before! Corkcicles are the solution for keeping your white wine chilled without the sloppy ice bucket mess.


6. You didn’t think that we forgot our all-time favorite wine accessory did you? For all you red wine lovers out there make sure you have your personal and party packs of WineStraws on hand to make sure you and your friends look fabulous throughout the holiday season. Economical and conveniently sized for your purse or jacket pocket, don’t be caught at a holiday party without them.


What are your top wine accessories of 2011? Let us know so we can add them to our list! Cheers!


  1. Diva Glass Slippers! Decorative slip-on fabric coasters and identifiers for stemware are perfect for parties, weddings, gifts and more! Available to match a wide variety of themes with color schemes, charms and trims in packs of 1, 2, 6 and more. They dress your glass – diva style and get the party started. They play very well with Wine Straws, too!

    • WineStraws says:

      Absolutely Jacquelyn! We are a long time fan of Diva Glass Slippers for all wine occasions…we wouldn’t leave home without them (and our WineStraws :)) Thanks for the note! Cheers!

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