Noodle This!

World Pasta DaySince 1995, World Pasta Day has been celebrated on October 25, with the purpose of bringing attention to the health (and taste) benefits of pasta.  Forget about Kraft Macaroni® and Cheese and Spaghettios® for today, and learn how to enjoy World Pasta Day without the guilt.  Here are some of WineStraws’ healthy ideas/facts:

  • Did you know that there are over 600 pasta types? With no shortage of choices, why not try a type of pasta that you have never had before and make it with a healthy sauce? How about a Stringozzi in a light olive oil? A Perciatelli with a light marinara or Trofie tossed with some fresh grilled vegetables? Give it a try—be careful— you might just find your new, favorite, healthy pasta dish!
  • The key to healthy pasta consumption is limiting your pasta to one serving (approximately 200 calories).  So forget about the mounds of spaghetti or the half of pan of lasagna servings you see in restaurants… these portions are unrealistic and can quadruple your daily caloric intake.  Also, try whole wheat pasta.  Its higher in nutrients and fiber, and tends to be more filling so you eat less. Whichever you decide just remember “nothing in excess”.
  • Celebrating World Pasta Day and eating healthy doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money either; cooking a simple dish at home instead of going out will save you some cash, and most likely calories. We recommend this healthy dish that will make your stay-at-home celebration better than any night on the town.
  • Pairing pasta with wholesome partners can be both tasty and healthy. Some recommendations to consider are:   olive oil, tomatoes, onions, grilled vegetables, fish, beans, garlic, and a tablespoon or two of good cheese such as feta or parmesan.
  • Do as the Italians do and top off your healthy celebration by topping off your glass of red wine.  Red wine has been credited with more than a healthy heart and delaying the aging process; it has also shown results in preventing prostate cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia and some common food-borne illnesses.  Even a healthy indulgence like red wine can come at a cost of stained teeth and mouths.  Use WineStraws to void stained teeth and smiles.  Healthy sips start with WineStraws…red wine in wine glass

So, if you compliment your healthy pasta with red wine, and compliment your red wine with WineStraws, you will certainly enjoy a healthy, happy World Pasta Day. What is your favorite noodle?


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