HalloWINE is Almost Here!

Halloween Gift BasketHalloween is less than a week away and that means PARTIES!  If your host(ess) gift budget is a little tight, there are ways to spice up that bottle of wine that you are planning to take as a gift – by packaging it in a personalized gift basket.  So listen up, grab your favorite bottle of wine and personalize a gift basket that will last well after the last drop of wine is poured.

  1. First:  find a container. Think outside the traditional basket and look for other materials such as metal cans/tins, wood boxes or plastic containers. You may be surprised how many containers you have laying around your house that will serve as a perfect fits for your gift.
  2. Fill the container with tissue paper, colored straw filling, cloth napkins, newspaper, or even bar towels.  Again, something that you have at home.  You’ll be surprised how the free things you already have somehow make the presentation more personal/special.
  3. Choose the wine.  There are so many cool wine labels out there, try and take a few minutes to pick a bottle (or bottles) that say something personal to your host(ess) or in line with their party theme.  Place the wine on top of the filler while saving some room for the snacks and accessories.
  4. Adding some non-perishable snacks and treats such as chocolates and crackers are great food accessories and don’t have to cost a lot of money. If you want to add some extra flair and spend a couple more bucks, add some wine accessories (corkscrews, WineStraws, Corksicles and/or decorative and economical items such as Diva Glass Slippers). Place all food and wine accessories in order of size with the heaviest on the bottom and the smaller items at the front of the basket.
  5. Wrap the entire basket in plastic, clear cellophane wrap or a plastic bag that will protect and showcase your gift.  Top off the wrap with some ribbon, decorative bows or flowing string. Don’t forget to attach a small, personal note so the recipient knows who the beautiful gift is from!
  6. Enjoy! Whether you are spending a night with some friends or attending a holiday dinner party, a personalized wine gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion and show the host(ess) how much you appreciate their invitation, and celebrating the time with family and friends.

What are your favorite types of gift baskets and why? Do you have any favorite/fun wine labels? 

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  1. Love your ideas. My gift baskets tend to be boxes – I love a pretty/unusual box that will double nicely as an useful container when empty. When filling the box, I especially like introducing the recipient to NEW things I discovered that I think she may get a kick out of in addition to her favorite libation. I just gave a BFF a cheery gift box for the unveiling of her NEW bedroom (re-decorated after her divorce!) The box was a beautiful red papered Asian-themed piece which once held Korean candy sent to my office last Christmas (I didn’t eat any of the candy but claimed the box!) I included WineStraws, b/c I think they are FAB and she entertains a lot and her own pink boa Diva Glass Slipper (her favorite color), a great bedside snack of dark chocolate dipped apricots and spicy pistachios I found at Trader Joes, these fun bed booties I scored off the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and a bottle of her favorite libation – Patron (she’s a true diva BFF who drinks from stemware!) She loved it all – oh and so did all the ladies in attendance! DIVA TIP – I keep a ‘gift’ drawer where I put all my ‘great finds while shopping’ for easier gift-giving year-round so I don’t have to run out and ‘buy something’ every time I may need to give a gift. Sales and clearances are great for this.

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