It’s the Start of a New Quarter!

Fall LeavesSeptember has been an incredible month with lots of things to celebrate: the beginning of the Fall season, kids are back in school, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and of course our favorite: California Wine Month.  In case you were unaware, September also marks National Self-Improvement Month. At WineStraws, we decided that, instead of trying to cram one more thing into the month of September, we would change Self Improvement Month into Self Improvement Quarter.  Self Improvement should be on our minds a lot more than just 30 days.  Before the holidays get away from us, or we just end up copying the last year’s New Year’s resolution, why don’t we focus on ourselves and how we can improve?  Maybe we can even fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions from 2011 before 2012 creeps up on us?

Based on our resolutions, we solemnly swear to: drink more red, smile more white, and cherish every moment of every day with our family and friends…(and maybe try to use the home gym for more than a storage closet!).

So now it is your turn. What are your Quarterly Self Improvement Resolutions? Did you stick to your previous resolutions or are you like us and have a blend of old and new resolutions?

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