Look Who’s Talking About WineStraws!

WineStraws users from coast-to-coast are proof that you never have to sacrifice your smile or your love for red wine. Here are some of our favorite WineStraws stories that make us smile…

“I use mine all the time at home, and always have extras on hand… WineStraws are the perfect host(ess) gift or event favor”

~Brooke Trissel, Austin TX

 “I originally heard of WineStraws from a coworker who was raving about how great and ingenious the product really was.  I went online and did a search and came upon the WineStraws website where I purchased some right before the holidays as gifts for all my coworkers and some close friends.  I love this product.  WineStraws is a great invention that allows you to have amazing dinner parties and not have guests walk away with stained lips and teeth.  They are always a conversation piece, as it’s a very unique product that many of my friends find fun and fascinating.  I would recommend WineStraws to all!  They are inexpensive and really great to use.”   

~Ross Telerman, San Diego CA

 “I recently got married and made sure to include WineStraws as part of my event. With so many pictures being taken, I didn’t want to have ‘wine teeth’ in all of my photos of me and my guests.  The sleek design of the straw sits well in the wine glass and my guests appreciated how functional they were without compromising the taste of the wine.” 

~Kimberley French, Phoenix AZ


“As the manager of Bella Derma MedSpa in Irvine, CA, its important to look my best. My friends and I love using WineStraws when we drink red wine.  They keep us looking great all night long!”

Denise Beltran, Costa Mesa CA

“I gave a couple away as ‘gifts’ and my friends loved them! I know they will ordering some of their own”

 Jose Curiel, Hotel Director

“These (WineStraws) really will spare your grill”

- Keara Donahue

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