Vive le French (Wines)!

While many Americans think the freedom celebrations are over come July 5th, the French are just gearing up to celebrate their own day of freedom (Bastille Day) on July 14.  So if you’re looking to keep the celebration going, or you just love summer festivities, here are some ways you can celebrate freedom…French-style.

french flagIt’s a “Fete Nationale” (“National Holiday”)!

  1. Set the Stage: As luck would have, it the colors of the French flag are red, white and blue – making it an easy transition from your own 4th of July decorations. Coupling your own leftover Independence Day decorations with some French flags or mini Eifel Towers is a great first step in setting the mood for your French Celebration. To really get the party going, you can pop in some French music on the iPod (99 Luftballons?  Oh, wait that’s German), pass out the berets, and party the night away just like they do in Paris!
  2. Entertain:  No freedom celebration would be complete without traditional country foods. To feed your Bastille Day appetite, here are some French-themed-course-ideas. Whether you are celebrating at home, in the backyard, or at a nearby café these tasty treats will be a hit with all of your personnes (French for peeps).
  • Appetizers:
    • A spread of cheeses, grapes, crackers and French bread are always fun starter food items
    • Salad Nicoise is a great summer dish to offer your guests that want something lighter. You can also dress it up with summer vegetables like corn and asparagus from the garden.
    • No summer celebration is too hot for some traditional French Onion Soup smothered in cheese.
    • French fries.  Of course.
  • Main Course:
    • Croissants with jam and ham and or Brie finger sandwiches are crowd pleasers and can be easily prepared ahead of time.
    • If you are looking to go all out for this celebration, a crepe bar is a fun interactive ways to offer many choices while keep your guests mingling
    • If you are doing a sit-down dinner, no French dinner would be complete without some traditional Chicken Cordon Bleu swimming in its signature wine sauce.
    • Want to barbeque? Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Rub is a perfect way to feed the masses from the comfort of your backyard.
  •  Dessert: No matter what style event you decide to throw these decadent desserts are necessities!
  • french flag with wine corksDrink:  No Bastille Day party would be complete without an abundance of French wine. We recommend offering a French Rose or a classic Bordeaux blend . You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite French wine and offer more of a variety to your guests when you toast to freedom.  Remember to drink responsibly—designated drivers, sleepovers or taxicabs for every celebration—no exceptions!  And please make sure to offer your guests WineStraws, so their teeth stay WHITE (not red or blue).

À votre santé!

We would love to hear what your plans for Bastille Day so send us a note or drop us a comment!

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