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With spring and summer weddings in full swing, you can bet that there will be a bachelorette party or two that you will either be attending, planning or will be the lucky guest of honor. For those of you that are not interested in what is known as the ‘traditional bachelorette party’ featuring live adult entertainment and a wild night on the town, may we recommend a very cool, all-girls, wine weekend getaway…

Let’s Get Away

If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in wine country, there are still numerous wineries in nearly every state that can offer you up some fun wine-tasting options for you and your group.  The nice thing about wineries are that they are usually out of the city, boast beautiful sceneries (which lead to amazing pictures) and are great places for you and your girls to enjoy some high quality bonding time before all the wedding festivity madness begins.  With the true purpose of a bachelorette party being a time to bond with the bride-to-be before her big day, a weekend in wine country can be the perfect recipe for a relaxing, enjoyable time with lots of memories (not that bachelorette parties in Vegas don’t offer loads of memories, but you know what we mean).bachelorette party winestraws

Something for Everyone

Whether the women in attendance are connoisseurs or are new to the wine world, wineries are a great place to learn about wine and be able to taste a variety of wines in an array of fabulous settings. You can take a winery tour, attend wine tastings, grab some of your favorite bottles and enjoy some time with the girls in your hotel room or at the pool, enjoy a picnic outdoors, or enjoy some shopping in the winery gift stores.  A lot of wineries also have live entertainment or special events planned throughout the year. If you are planning the party to coincide with another event, you may get the chance to enjoy music festivals, mingle with the Prince of Denmark, holiday festivals, or other local festivities or events that are hosted by the wineries.  Remember that many times, wineries are grouped very close together, so you don’t have to limit your fun just to one winery but rather plan a series of stops (our personal favorite).

winestraws party packThe Personalized Touch

For those of you looking to personalize the experience, there are opportunities to make the day even more special. Personalizing the wine labels with the bachelorette party information is always a fun touch, or you fill attendees’ gift baskets with wine stoppers, wine glasses, wine openers, fun wine accessories like WineStraws and/or other personalized gifts that will make the day even more memorable.  If looking to pair your wine with a food experience, remember that wineries are often connected or associated to local restaurants so putting together a personalized lunch or menu for an evening out as a group can be fun too.

Plan the Important Details

No matter what you plan for your girls weekend getaway, remember that to ensure everyone is safe and sound by planning for a shuttle, limo, sober driver or car service to drive you around. Renting a fun party bus, trolley, or hopping on the wineries’ shuttle(s) with other wine goers can make the experience comfortable, social, fun and safe.

What do you think is better when it comes to bachelorette…the traditional wild night of a weekend of wine and girl-time?

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