The Mother’s Day Results Are In!

A Toast to your Mom…

Congratulations to all of our WineStraws Mother’s Day Contestants!  We have picked our top three contestants, and they will be rewarded a party pack of WineStraws and a pair of Red Wine Glasses:.

Coming in FIRST Place…

Beautiful Lady Oh was kind enough to tell us why her mom, Linda Holiday, is the best mom in the world!  Cheers to Linda for raising such a beautiful woman!

“MY mother Linda Holiday put her life on the line just to bring me into this world. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!”-Lady Oh

We are grateful too Lady Oh and thank you for sharing your wonderful words about your Mom. She too is a lucky woman to have such an appreciative daughter. Cheers!

Linda Holiday

First Place Mother's Day Winner: Linda Holiday

Coming in SECOND Place…

We have an EXTRA special place for the very new Mothers that give us beautiful babies like proud new parents Sean and Dana Quinn! Who doesn’t love babies??

Sean Quinn

Second Place Sean Quinn's new baby boy!

Coming in THIRD Place…

Long-time supporter and lover of WineStraws, Henry Nerida, whose amazing mother will be rewarded for raising such an amazing son. Cheers to you Henry and all of your love for Mom AND WineStraws.

BUT WAIT!  We couldn’t just limit it to three…

To EVERY contestant that took the time to make a WineStraws toast to their mom in their life, we are rewarding each and every one of you with a Personal Pack of WineStraws.


Everyone please send your mailing address to us at WineStraws ( to receive your Mother’s Day WineStraws Reward…just in time to toast your beautiful Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mom’s of the world…how are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

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  1. kukkumol says:

    A mother’s work is never done
    She works from morning until dawn
    She spreads her love
    And keeps you warm
    But only once a year we say
    Mother we wish you “Happy Mothers Day”

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