How Much for that Straw in the Window?

We are always on the lookout for anything and everything related to keeping your smile gorgeous and/or your teeth pearly white, and it just so happens that we have come across some Champagne Silver Straws by Christofle Fidelio that boast being able to keep your  lipstick in place while sipping champagne.

How do they compare to WineStraws? Why don’t you be the judge…


Size:     Crystal-clear WineStraws, each measuring 6″

Price:    Personal Pack (of 4): $2.50   Party Pack (of 12): $5.50 [free shipping through the end of May]

CF Silver Champagne Straws: 

Size:  Box of two sterling silver straws, each measuring 10“

Price:  $215

christofle silver wine straws

Breaking it Down

For $215 you could either give a shi-shi gift to the champagne-drinker who has everything, or be the proud owner of two very fancy silver champagne straws, and keep your lipstick in place while you sip on bubbly.

Alternatively, for $215, you could also be the proud owner a Party Pack of crystal clear WineStraws, a new pair of shoes, a bottle of wine, and taxi fare for a night out with your friends (OR 39 Party Packs of WineStraws if you are extremely popular).  And of course keeping your teeth white and your lipstick in place.

…..So what kind of straw are you?

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