Congratulations…You Picked the Short Straw!

WineStrawsAcross the country, Wine Lovers have taken the WineStraws Challenge and we have listened to what you have to say.

Due to popular demand… WineStraws are shorter.  Almost a full inch to be exact.  After testing various lengths with different sized wine glasses we are proud to announce that WineStraws conveniently remain a one-size-fits-all solution for wine lovers.  The new and improved length simply brings your nose closer to the glass, allowing you to enjoy the full bouquet and aroma of your wine.

Still the perfect diameter, weight, and size for all standard wine glasses, WineStraws allow you to taste and appreciate every note of every delicious sip—and now scent—of even the most prized red wine.

Who knew that picking the short straw could be so rewarding?

Drink Red. Smile White. And Inhale

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