Spring Fever Itch

wine bottlesBelieve it or not Southern Californians are plagued with Spring Fever just like the rest of the country. Sure our winters may not be nearly as devastating as some places but who doesn’t get that infamous Spring Fever Itch this time of year?  It is our theory at WineStraws that the severity of the Spring Fever Itch is proportional to the reach.   The friendly people at WineStraws have a handpicked a couple of white wines that are within anyone’s reach, will help cure the Spring Fever Itch, and all the while help you savor the flavor of spring while being kind to your pocketbook.

  1. Bear Flag White Blend is available in Soft White or Bright White Blends and is from none other than Modesto, California. Whether Bear Flag is symbolizing the greatest state to live in or a pretty darn good white wine we may never know. What we do know is that for a mere $9 bucks you will be sipping a cool drink of heaven all the way to the bank.Bear Flag Wine
  2. Angeline 2009 Reserve Chardonnay is another spring favorite that is born and raised in Sonoma County and Santa Barbara County.  We will skip over the fancy wine talk and say that this light, fruity taste will make you long for spring all year long.  Not sure what to serve at your next spring fling dinner? Experts at Martin Ray Wineries recommend Angeline 2009 Reserve Chardonnay paired with Chilean Sea Bass. This amazing summer wine will only set you back a mere $11.99.

Remember that no matter how severe the Spring Fever Itch, we want you smiling the whole way through the spring and into the summer. Whether you prefer white wine or red wine, the only way to keep your smile white and bright is with WineStraws. Cheers to you and a great Spring!


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