Oh no! White Wine Too?


It’s just not fair.

Everyone knows that red wine is one of the top teeth staining culprits out there…but WHITE wine too?

Studies out of NYU College of Dentistry have confirmed: white wine stains your teeth. The offender? Acid.

Acid which (deep breath) is in a plethora of colas, coffee, energy drinks, juices and tea. The study, led by Mark Wolff of NYU College of Dentistry, tested black tea, red wine and white wine and then followed it with black tea.  It was to no surprise that the red wine left a deep, dark stain on the teeth; black tea did not. But the teeth dunked in white wine and then tea turned a “nice shade of brownish red,” says Wolff.  The study showed that although white wine may not have much color, the acids are enough to damage the tooth enamel and leave it exposed to the coloring of the black tea.

Hold on…don’t hate us….there is more….

The research further revealed that acidic erosion isn’t just a problem with wines….Citrus Juice Drinks also contain acids that can erode teeth enamel as well as Cola Drinks….. and both leave them vulnerable to stains.

What to Do, What to Do….

Before you book that expensive teeth whitening appointment remember that prevention is always the first and foremost approach to any bad situation.  Lucky for you WineStraws is here to help you in your time of need. Although we can’t change our name to Cola-Juice-Coffee-Tea-WineStraws we can give you a fast and inexpensive way in taking preventive steps in keeping your smile sparkling and white.

What are WineStraws?

WineStraws are not your typical straw. They are the right size, the right weight, the right look, and most importantly the right feel for drinking wine….and now your drink of choice. WineStraws have a much smaller inner diameter than the average drinking straw allowing for the flow of beverage to be comparable to sipping from a glass. Simple, stylish, eco-friendly, and cost friendly make WineStraws the #1 solution to keeping your smile white and bright. Look for WineStraws in your local dentist’s office and retailers or visit us online and receive free shipping for the entire month of February!

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