Go WILD on Valentine’s Day!

Monkey Love

Out of creative ideas for Valentine’s Day and feel like time is running out? Well you my friend have come to the right place. We at WineStraws are always on the hunt for fun things to do around town and as luck would have it the place to be with your Valentine in 2011 is the Los Angeles Zoo.  The world renown LA Zoo is hosting SEX AND THE CITY ZOO, a Valentine’s Day Event Celebrating Animal Mating and Dating.   The unconventional ‘Bird’s and The Bee’s’ Valentine’s Day festivities boast romantic decadent deserts and aromatic red wines.  The event is sponsored by none other than the fabulous winery, Herzog Wine Cellars. So bring along your WineStraws pack and spread the Valentine Love by sipping red, smiling white and snuggling up to your own mate.  Roar!

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