4 Ways to Make Your Teeth Whitening Last

Beautiful SmileThere is nothing more attractive than a beautiful, white smile. Whether you are a diligent professional teeth whitener or a home-remedy expert its always important to safeguard your time and investment you put into those beautiful pearly whites. Try these four maintenance tips and get ready for your close up–it’s time you showcased that amazing smile.

BlueberriesTiming is Everything

You just spent your time and money perfecting your white smile so make sure that you don’t combat your efforts. For a minimum of 24 Hours after you have your teeth whitened your teeth are more vulnerable to the effects of acidic, dark colored foods and drinks.  So make sure to skip the blueberry pie eating contest, colas and red wine after whitening and you will be one step closer to preserving that pearly smile.


Indulge a Little

We understand–sometimes skipping that glass of red wine is just not feasible.  Well as luck would have it we give you full permission to kick up those tootsies and relax with a glass of red wine no matter when you got your teeth whitened–but NOT without your WineStraws. WineStraws have a smaller inner diameter than the average drinking straw, so the flow of wine into your mouth is just like sipping it from a glass…not soaking your teeth.

Floss Daily

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes we are so caught up in all the extra things we should be doing that we overlook the most obvious.  That being said, brushing with teeth whitening toothpaste three times a day and daily flossing should not be a tip rather it should be a way of life for every single one of us.

Electric Toothbrush

Break the Tradition

Still stuck in the land of the traditional toothbrushes? It’s time you stepped up your game and invested in an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes tend to be stronger, provide more thorough cleaning through more brush strokes and quite simply are well worth the investment.

What are your tips to a lasting white smile? We would love to hear them to add to our list.

Until then–drink red and smile white!


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