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Wine Stocking Stuffer IdeasTop 5 Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers:

Did your holiday shopping get away from you? Don’t worry–we are here to help. Here are five, quick, easy tips that will make the finickiest of gift recipients happy.

  1. Rabbit Wine Opener: Genuine Rabbit Wine openers are the original and the must-have of any wine lover.  You don’t skimp on your favorite wine; why would you skimp on the opener?
  2. Wine of the Month Membership: This is one of the oldest wine clubs around and a great way to learn more about wine, discover smaller wine companies that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise and save money!
  3. WineStraws: With WineStraws you can enjoy your red wine without the red-stained teeth and lips. Perfectly sized and 100% recyclable WineStraws are literally the gift that keeps on giving.  So go ahead–have a second glass of that delicious wine–you deserve it!
  4. Riedel Wine Glasses: The Riedel glass is second-to-none in recognizing that the shape of a glass directly affects the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of wines. Are you down to the wire? The good news is that Macys and Target have amazing holiday hours so there is still time to jump in the car and pull together an amazing gift in the
  5. Diva Glass Slippers: Every present needs that extra special, personal, touch and that can be achieved with Diva Glass Slippers removable coasters for stemware.  Easy enough to slip in your handbag or purse with your WineStraws -AND- makes your glass easy to identify from others. Eliminates guest losing their glass or forgetting their coaster!  Diva Glass Slippers are available in a wide array of fabrics and charms and serve as unique gifts for any wine lover.

Have ideas of your own stocking stuffers? Let us know what stocking stuffers are a hit in your house!

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